- Eyebrow Threading -



Eyebrow Threading at BBs Beauty & Brows

How Eyebrow Threading is done

The most effective way to achieve a perfect shape is to have them done at a BBs Beauty & Brows salon using our tried and tested Eyebrow Threading Techniques. With salons at both Leicester and Peterborough, we’ve got everything to do with eyebrows sorted!

The ancient Middle Eastern & Asian art of eyebrow threading is very popular as every small, short, fine hair is able to be removed thoroughly, giving you long lasting results for up to 3 weeks. Fantastic for a summer getaway, a wedding or just because you can, brow threading can transform your look and give you more time to focus on whatever you fancy.

The twisting motion of a fine cotton thread over the hair lifts and removes the hair from the root, shaping the eyebrow precisely.

Step 1: Determining the Shape of your Eyebrows

Our team of qualified and experienced beauty technicians first determine your individual eyebrow form. By doing so we will determine what shape your eyebrows naturally follow?

Is it round?

Very arched?

Softly arched?

Or straight?

To achieve the perfect brows, our friendly technicians will adapt & balance your brows to the natural features of your face to get the best possible results.

If you are not sure about threading your own brows at home, then leave in the hands of our experienced threaders. Your brows deserve to be treated with utmost respect so leave it to the professionals to avoid dodgy looking eyebrows!

Here’s our brow threading tip:

Forcing a different shape other than your natural shape onto your face will look disharmonious to the rest of your facial features.

Some clients like to have their eyebrows very thin and defined. Whilst it suits some, others it can make the face look mean, and hard, and sometimes old.

We all know from seeing it in all forms of media that thick-shaped eyebrows are very popular. However, if kept too heavy, they can give the appearance of an angry dull face, as well as causing the eyebrows to dominate all the other features of the face, making them ultra-noticeable.


Often men over pluck & over shape their brows. This really isn’t a good look. Keeping them the tidy by removing excess hair between the brow and softly removing some of the excess hair beneath the brow is enough for pretty much everyone. Definition is not necessary when it comes to the grooming of men’s eyebrows as it needs to look as natural as possible. If you are a gentleman wanting a brow tidy, get in touch with our beauty technicians who will be able to book you in an appointment. Alternatively, as both of our salons are walk-in salons, why not swing by into either our Leicester or Peterborough on your lunch break, after work or at the weekend for the perfect brows, now and always.

With many years of experience in the world of eyebrows, our brow threading experts will advise you of the most suitable shape for you face.

Step 2: Stretch the Eyelid

Stretching the eyelid area so that it is taught makes hair removal easier and more comfortable. While brow threading isn’t 100% painless, it isn’t a horrible experience by any stretch of the imagination- whenever you pull hair out of your skin, it’ will hurt a little. Since the thread is laid down onto the skin in a straight line, it will pull several hairs out at a time. This will create a clean shape for your eyebrow achieving the perfect brow shape.

Step 3: Creating the arch

First things first, the line underneath your eyebrow will need to be shaped. This is the basis of the arch, and the most important step in shaping your eyebrow.

Step 4: Clearing the hair above the brow

The hair above your eyebrow can be also be threaded for more definition-especially if your hairline runs into the top of your eyebrow.

Step 5: Between the eyebrows

Removing hair between your eyebrows is the last step. The general rule is to not to remove hair past the corners of your eyes. If your eyebrows are too far apart, they can make your eyes appear smaller and make your nose appear wider.

A few important points

The Eyebrow Threading technique is kinder than other methods of hair removal such as waxing, as it removes the hair without pulling on the skin around the eye area.

The eye area is far more delicate than the rest of your face, as it is thinner. It is important to treat it with the utmost care as it usually one of the first areas that can reveal the signs of ageing.

Threading is a good alternative to other hair removal methods for sensitive skins and skins that may have sensitivity due to other chemical treatments.

If you would like your eyebrows threaded, get in touch with one of our BBs Beauty & Brows salons in Leicester or Peterborough and we’ll sort the rest.

Of course, if you feel that the eyebrow threading technique is not for you, we also offer waxing, as well as shaping with the use of tweezers.



- Guide to Lash Extensions -


Here at BBs Beauty & Brows, we’ve been wanting to do a post about eyelash extensions for some time now as it’s one of our many ever popular services at both of our walk in salons in Leicester and Peterborough. If we had a £1 for every time we heard ‘I had semi permanent lashes but they’ve ruined my lashes’ and ‘Why do they take longer than some other lashes I’ve had’ we would be very, very rich! Unfortunately, such eyelash nightmares and confusion put some people off but as soon as they choose to have lash extensions done at a BBs Beauty & Brows salon, they feel rest assured that they are in good hands. With years of experience in the industry and a brilliant team of skilled beauty technicians, we’ve got it covered when it comes to lash extensions!

Everyone at BBs Beauty & Brows, we are obsessed with everything lashes! We boast some of the most talented technicians in the Midlands and have a flurry of new and existing clients enjoying our extensive range of lash services.

So, here you have it, here is our definitive guide to beautiful lashes…

Let’s start with the basics.

Strip lashes

We’re sure most of you will know about strip lashes and most have probably faced that Saturday night battle of trying to get them to stick without ruining the rest of your eye makeup in the process!

If you’re not one of those talented few that can apply them perfectly every time at BBs Beauty & Brows our salons offer the chance to have them applied professionally! This means they should then last the full night without coming away at the corners- if you’re lucky you might even get them to last till the next morning. The only downside is strip lashes won’t last for a full weekend or the duration of a short holiday – and if they do we’d be very concerned as to what glue was used!

Cluster lashes / Party lashes

Just like strip lashes, cluster lashes can become a DIY nightmare for many. To avoid any beauty malfunctions, BBs Beauty & Brows salons offer a fantastic range of lash services across the Midlands at both of our salons in Leicester and Peterborough. Unlike strip lashes, cluster lashes need to be dropped using tweezers on top of your lashes spreading them evenly along your lash line.

Express Individual Lashes

If you are wanting semi-permanent lashes, express individual lashes are a great option. When applied professionally, these types of lashes are non-damaging and can look fabulous. For this treatment individual lashes are applied on top of your natural lashes without isolating your own lashes first.

This treatment only takes around half an hour or so for a set and should last up to 2 weeks however it is difficult to get as fuller look as with other types of semi-permanent lashes. Express lashes should not be infilled and instead should be professionally removed then reapplied if you want to keep up to them. Nouveau’s Express Lashes is a great example of semi-permanent lashes offered at BBs Beauty & Brows salons located in Leicester and Peterborough.

Classic Semi-Permanent Lashes, AKA Individual / Hollywood / 1:1  lashes

One of the most common types of lash extensions around, these lashes are available at both of our salons in Peterborough and Leicester. Training to be able to complete this type of lash extension is extensive but you can rest assured that each and every one of our beauty therapists knows exactly what they are doing!

So the idea behind these lashes is that only one lash is applied to each one of your own. They are not dropped on as with express, each lash is isolated then a new lash is applied on top. This means that as your natural lash grows out the false lash will grow with it and therefore not get tangled or damage your natural lashes. This also means that they can be infilled after the false lash falls off without building lashes up on top of each other.

Slightly thicker than your natural lash these lashes are usually 0.15mm or 0.20mm and come in various curls, lengths and materials. Each type gives a different look. The time for application varies according to how many natural lashes you have. The idea is apply one false lash to every real lash so if you are very lucky and have lots of lashes you will be there for some time- not that that is a bad thing! We would expect these lashes to last anything between 2 – 4 weeks depending how quick your lashes grow and how well you look after them. BBs Beauty & Brows normally recommend an infill between 2 – 3 weeks- get in touch to find out more about our fantastic range of lash services.

In Summary

To round things up, if you haven’t already guessed- BBs Beauty & Brows love everything about lashes! As with many things in the beauty industry, there are unfortunately some salons who try to cut corners but you can rest assured that with years of experience in the industry, BBs Beauty & Brows will look after you at every step of the way.

So, if you want gloriously fabulous lashes, get in touch with us today- we offer a huge range of lash services so we can guarantee that you’ll find the best option to suit your individual preference, style and budget!


- Get wax ready! -


This May why not take advantage of our fantastic waxing offer! Available at both of our walk in beauty salons in Leicester and Peterborough BBs Beauty & Brows are offering a Hollywood wax + Full leg wax for only £40 (RRP £45!).

The Hollywood wax

The humble Brazilian isn’t enough for some and so the Hollywood wax was born. At BBs Beauty & Brows we’ve developed a long established reputation for providing Hollywood waxes in a professional, friendly and cost effective environment. Salon owner Cindy Bansal is one of the most experienced beauticians in waxing in the Midlands area and boasts a wealth of experienced beauticians at both beauty salons across the region, all with a wealth of experience in the world of waxing.

Taking around 45 minutes, a Hollywood wax at a BBs salon uses only the highest quality wax. Using wax to remove hair quickly and comfortably from the pubic area- both front and back, a Hollywood wax removes smaller, finer hairs and is ideal for sensitive skin. One of the greatest benefits of a Hollywood wax in comparison to other forms of waxing is that no trace of hair will be left behind for a clean, smooth finish.

What’s more, re-growth won’t occur for between 2-3 weeks after your Hollywood wax which means it is perfect for the summer, whether you are going on a summer holiday, attending a wedding or just fancy long, lazy evenings on the beach without the worry of needing to wax.

And to top it all off, the more you have this treatment done, the finer and weaker the hairs become so it is a win, win situation for everyone and must certainly worth the pennies!

One important thing to remember is that prior to having this treatment you must pop in to our salon to have a patch test 24 hours before your treatment so we can check you’re not allergic to the wax we use. At both of our salons we have a very strict hygiene policy at our Leicester and Peterborough salons meaning we put your safety first, each and every time.

To take advantage of our fantastic offer, why not pop into one of our salons today or tomorrow to take advantage of our fantastic MAY offer!


- Beautiful Bluesky Nails -



Here at BBs Beauty & Brows, we are delighted to be offering a fantastic April offer to our customers, both new and old- a gorgeous BALBCARE MANICURE + BLUE SKY GEL POLISH for only £32 (RRP £39)- a fantastic saving of £7 this month!

Available at both of our walk in salons in Leicester and Peterborough, our team of specialist beauty therapists and nail technicians are on hand to pamper you and give you the most gorgeous looking nails this April.

And the best bit about your Balbcare manicure and Bluesky gel polish offer? There are oodles of beautiful colours to choose from! From pinks and burgundies to traditional reds all the way through to all the colours of the rainbow including neons, nudes and pastels, Bluesky nails from BBS Beauty & Brows give you gorgeous looking nails, each and every time.

So, if you are looking for something a little bit special, why not speak to one of our girls and discuss upgrading to something even more luxurious for the real WOW factor?

Choose from shimmering, dazzling and glittery finishes for something a little different from the norm. Or why not try mixing different finishes? Add a glitter top coat to your chosen colour on all nails, or your ring finger for a stunning, alternative look.

Applied in a similar way to traditional nail varnish, colour gel polishes sit beautifully on your nails, and create a perfect smooth effect once complete. As you will no doubt expect from Bluesky, there’s also more than one finish for a top coat too! Choose from the standard shine Top Coat, Bluesky Ultra Shine for a dazzling finish, Bluesky Matte Top Coat, or Bluesky No Wipe Top Coat.

So, whether you have an upcoming event at work, celebrating a birthday or wedding or just want to have gorgeous, glamorous (and affordable!) nails, grab yourself a brilliant offer by popping into one of our beauty salons in Peterborough and Leicester and take advantage of our fantastic April offer:


Simply quote BBS/APR/4/17 and receive £7 off the RRP price throughout the month of April. Time is ticking on and the month is running away with us so wait delay- get in touch today to get the hands and nails you want, and deserve!

- Mothers Day Packages -


Mother’s Day is just a couple of days away! Have you found a gift for her yet? You could do the usual flowers, jewellery, or scarf, but why not do something for her that she would probably never do for herself? This Mother’s Day, give her something that will make her feel beautiful from the inside out.

At BBs Beauty & Brows, we offer a variety of services and products that will guarantee to impress your Mum. Here are 3 of our amazing gift vouchers options for Mother’s Day valid at both our salons in Leicester and Peterborough.

Option 1

Basic Facial and Indian Head Massage

Your Mum will instantly look and feel younger after she receives a facial at BBs Beauty & Brows. And with an Indian Head Massage to enjoy afterwards, she’ll be in for a real treat! An Indian Head Massage focuses on the three higher “chakras” – mind, body and spirit and as such hits your energy epicentre. A good massage will relax your mum, making her feel detached and serene and most importantly, happier than ever!


1. Basic Facial (Normally £20)
Indian Head Massage (Normally £20)
DEAL £30 (Worth £40- save £10!)

Option 2

Foot Massage & Basic Pedicure

Your mum will absolutely love you for this gorgeous combo! As she relaxes with a relaxing foot massage, we will also treat her to a basic pedicure too! A therapeutic treatment for her feet that removes dead skin, softens hard skin and shapes and treats her toenails, she’ll be in foot heaven and what more could she want this Mother’s Day?


2. Foot Massage & Basic Pedicure (Worth £22)
Basic Manicure (Worth £18)
DEAL £32 (Worth £40- save £8!)

Option 3

Shellac Manicure & Shellac Pedicure

For those mums who love gorgeous nails, our manicure and pedicure package is just perfect! Let them kick back, relax and unwind with a relaxing manicure before they choose their perfect gel polish to finish their chosen look. And then it’s top for them to put their feet up. Watch them drift off whilst they enjoy a Shellac pedicure and choose a gel polish of their choice to finish their treatment!


Shellac Manicure (Worth £20)
Shellac Pedicure (Worth £20)
DEAL £35 (Worth £40- save £5!)


And if that’s not enough, or if you’re wondering about more of our services and which ones will be best for your Mum, feel free to contact us any time! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

- Manicures -



Manicures – What to expect

Most women thinking about having their first manicure done will often consider it for a special occasion, be it a wedding, anniversary, birthday or holiday. That said, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to have a manicure.

Treating yourself after a long week at work or as a nice escape for some pamper time, manicures make you feel wonderful regardless of the time of year. With this in mind, why not take some time to treat yourself for your own self appreciation and self love. Not only are they fun and relaxing but manicures look fabulous too!

So why have a manicure with BBs Beauty & Brows?

Our friendly and trained nail technicians take the time to remove any existing nail varnish before filing and shaping your nails. Depending on the natural shape and texture of your nails, our technicians will shape and file them either to a square tip or a rounded look. (This is primarily done due to the fact that some nails will tend to break much easier if they are incorrectly filed).

In fact by filing using the natural shape of your nail ensures that you will develop stronger nails. Stronger nails are healthy nails which will look great for longer!

At BBs Beauty & Brows we take care of your nails as if they were our own. After our nail technicians have finished filing and shaping your nails they’ll apply a cuticle cream to your cuticles subsequently using a cuticle pusher to gently push your cuticles down. While our technicians sort your nail care for you, we will gently massage your hands using a combination of reflexology techniques to completely relax your hands.

Selecting your Nail Varnish

Next up, it’s decision time! This is biggest challenge for many people seeking a manicure especially as there is so many colours to choose from. If of course you are unable to make a decision (we understand the difficulty!), our trained nail technicians are on hand to help select a nail varnish colour to suit your style and personality- that’s what we are here for!

That said, if you don’t have a particular colour in mind, we also offer a fantastic range of other nail services including more subtle French Manicures which might be a better option if you aren’t sure of a colour. The French Manicure is designed to give a natural look, with a modest line of colour at the very tip of your nail. It is possible to start with the colour white ranging to a light pink at which our nail technician will add a polished clear coat over your nails to give them a gorgeous lustrous appearance.

If of course, you want to add some sparkle or something a little special, BBs Beauty & Brows can help you too. If you aren’t sure, just try it and treat yourself! You’ll be amazed how some nail art enhances the beauty of your new manicure and what more could you ask for?

So, whether you live in Leicester or Peterborough, pop into our salon and treat yourself to a beautiful manicure today.


- Eyelash Tinting -


This month BBs Beauty and Brows are reviewing the function, effects and benefits of eyelash tinting, as well as how long the procedure takes, how long it lasts and some other important considerations for those interested in eyelash tinting. Available at both our Leicester and Peterborough salons, BBs Beauty and Brows are on hand to provide you with the most gorgeous eyelashes you could possibly desire!


Eyelash tinting temporarily dyes your eyelashes to achieve the look of wearing mascara. One of the biggest and most obvious advantages of eyelash tinting is that by having your lashes tinted, you won’t need to apply make-up daily, saving you time, money and effort, every single day of the week! It should be noted that eyelash tinting does not last permanently and therefore needs re-doing when its effects have worn off.

If you live in or near Peterborough or Leicester, feel free to pop into either of our salons and ask one of our highly skilled technicians to help transform your lashes. We’ll be happy to help.

Time Frame

From start to finish, the entire lash tinting process really doesn’t take that long meaning you can pop in on your lunch break, after the work or at weekend and still have time in your day to continue with whatever you need to. Firstly, special stickers are placed around your eyelids to prevent the dye from getting in touch with your actual eye. Next, our skilled technician will apply the dye to both the upper and lower lashes. Providing the lashes with enough time to penetrate your lashes, the dye must remain on until this process is complete. Once this stage is complete, the dye is then carefully washed away and as a result, your eyelashes are left a darker (and more gorgeous!) shade.

Due to the fact that eyelash tinting is carried out using vegetable-oil based dyes, it is not a permanent solution for your lashes. As such, you’ll need to return to a BBs Beauty and Brows salon to have the process redone every 3-5 weeks but it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll make this year.


Women who regularly get their eyelashes tinted enjoy a number of benefits. If your lashes are naturally blonde, having them tinted will create a much more dramatic look for your eyes. Furthermore, the best part is the benefit of looking like you are wearing mascara even when you aren’t! Unlike mascara that you must apply every morning, be careful not to smudge, and wash off at night, with gorgeous tinted eyelashes you wake up looking like you already have makeup on. What more could you want from life than waking up already looking gorgeous and ready to tackle the day??

Also, eyelash tinting is a fantastic option for women who have busy or active lifestyles. If you love to swim, play sports or spend most of your day chasing your children around, it’s likely that you do not often wear mascara due to time restraints and being preoccupied! On the flipside, eyelash tinting will give you a more polished, effortless look that is also no-maintenance.

Get the look

Interested in eyelash tinting? Visit BBs Beauty and Brows salons in either Leicester or Peterborough and achieve gorgeous looking lashes that’ll stand the test of time. No fuss, no maintenance just stunning lashes that will last for weeks! What more could you wish for?

- Lash extensions like never before -

When you think of Lash Extensions from BBs Beauty & Brows, what words come to mind? We have oodles of happy clients and the most common words and phrases that we hear most is ‘beautiful, elegant, luxurious etc’. What your BBs Beauty & Brows lash technician thinks when they hear the words lash extensions is ‘accentuate, frame, design, customize’.

This is because, here at BBs Beauty & Brows, whether you visit our Leicester salon or our Peterborough salon, we offer you the very best when it comes to eyelash extensions and only the best will do. While each client receives the same treatment and process – our techniques can never be fully replicated as your eyelash extensions will work collaboratively with the shape of your eyes and face.

So, when you pop into either of our walk in salons, you’ll get the ideal lashes for you. But what factors do we take into consideration when you choose to have eyelash extensions at BBs Beauty & Brows? Take a look below to find out more:

Your natural eye shape

Depending on whether you have an oval, round, feline, or downward facing eye shape, will determine what sort of eyelash extensions will suit you the best? Once we have determined the natural shaping of your eye, we will then be able to determine where best to put the emphasis with the eyelash extensions, and where to place our longest lengths, and what curl types to use where.

Your brow shape

When you’ve chosen to come into see us, we will establish where the highest point of your brow is as your lash extensions need to compliment your brow line to bring together a complete ‘wow’ factor look.

Your desired signature style

What BBs Beauty & Brows signature look do you have in mind? Au natural? The Christmas minx? The diva? The flirt? This will determine how much length we add to your natural lashes- speak to our dedicated eyelash technicians who will happily make suggestions on the best look for your eye and brow shape.

Your natural lashes

Naturally, what condition are your lashes in? Do you have weak, sparse lashes or super full, coarse lashes? Depending on your natural lashes, our highly skilled eyelash technicians will design a look to compliment you, and to keep your lashes healthy and looking gorgeous.

We then select the lash extensions. With a large variety of curl types, diameters, lengths, and colours available at BBs Beauty & Brows salons, it is easy to get a look that is both stunning while still looking natural.

But why is it so important to have variety within a set of lashes?

-Variety is crucial when it comes to giving an overall eye makeover to each and every one of our clients. By using a deeper curl placed in the right spot eyes get an instant lift! By using 4-6 lengths of extensions within a full set a nice arc is created to look natural, and keep people guessing.

By using different diameters of extensions emphasis and fullness can be achieved, while still maintaining lash health. At BBs Beauty & Brows, our expertly trained lash technicians will select the lashes that will perfectly compliment your beautiful eyes!

If you want to achieve a stunning look, get in touch today or pop into either our Leicester walk in salon located in Highcross Shopping Centre or our Peterborough salon in Westgate Arcade.

Our skilled technicians will help you get your eyes redefined with the perfect frame of extensions that’ll have your friends begging to know your secret of looking fresh and rejuvenated 24/7!


- Shellac Gel Nails -

Winter is officially here and what better way to cheer yourself up than a gorgeous nail makeover! Available at both of our chic walk in salons at Highcross Shopping Centre, Leicester and Westgate Arcade, Peterborough, BBs Beauty & Brows are delighted to offer CND Shellac Nails to all. Ever growing in popularity, Shellac Gel Nails are fast becoming one of the most sought after nail makeovers and it’s clear to see why.

With a wide range of colours available, including some really funky style including the option of glitter brushed finishes, our trained and knowledgeable nail technicians are able to give you the nails you’ve been longing for this winter! But what are some of the perks to having Shellac nails done at BBs Beauty & Brows?

Included within the various benefits, Shellac gel nails offer a high shine finish for 14 days+. When compared to other types of nails, Shellac nails aren’t prone to chipping or peeling which is always a bonus when you are time starved and want to have beautiful looking nails for as long as possible.

What’s more, there is no chipping, smudging or peeling and there’s no requirement to remove or re-apply every few days like regular nail polish because it looks fantastic, right from day one. This factor alone makes Shellac gel nails a very attractive option to many- one appointment every two weeks, and perfect nails every time- sounds like a fantastic choice to us! And for those thinking about jetting off for a last minute holiday this winter, or attending a special event or party this festive period, Shellac nails are ideal as they easily last up to two weeks, without the stress of needing to reapply and touch up, meaning you’ll have more time to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself!

But don’t just take our word for it, Shellac themselves advertise their nails with the following tagline ‘on like polish, wears like gel, off in minutes (really!) and they certainly live up to their slogan. While Shellac gel nails looks and feels like a polish, it definitely dries in a different way than conventional nail polish. When you choose to come to BBs Beauty & Brows, our expert team use a high quality CND Shellac UV lamp to properly cure your chosen colour and give you the luscious, high shine effect you are looking for.

Next, when looking at the tagline ‘wears like gel’, what this actually means is that with the right care and attention, Shellac gel nails can last up to 14 days without peeling, chipping and smudging. Obviously each part of this scenario is fantastic but the no smudge element is particularly fab especially due to the fact that as soon as our manicures are complete, everything is 100% completely dry unlike a traditional polish. What this means for you is that you no longer need to walk around waiving your hands through the air in an attempt to dry the polish as fast as possible.

Lastly, ‘off in minutes (really!) is another benefit of Shellac gel nails over other types. Due to the very nature of the ingredients within the special formula, the removal of the gel nail formula is simple, fast and painless. You’ll find you won’t be able to remove the Shellac formula as you would a traditional nail polish but with the correct equipment, our trained nail technicians will be able to professionally remove old gel nails in a matter of minutes and ensure that your own nails underneath are kept in as best condition as possible with no damage, ready for your next chosen colour choice.

Taking all of this into consideration it is clear to see that Shellac gel nails are the perfect choice for many. And if truth be told, Shellac gel nails can really only be applied by trained professionals if you are searching for perfect looking nails this winter- let us take the hassle out of achieving gorgeous nails by getting in touch today and booking yourself in for an appointment.

Alternatively, why not pop into either one of our walk in salons, conveniently located in Leicester and Peterborough and speak with one of our team who will happily see if we have any availability for you, right there on the spot- we are here to help so don’t be afraid to ask questions or arrange an appointment.


- Barclay Wolf Hair Extensions -


Introducing Barclay Wolf Tape in Hair Extensions

As Leicester and Peterborough’s leading beauty salons, BB’S Beauty and Brows are delighted to announce we are now offering stunning Barclay Wolf’s taped hair extensions at both of our chic salons.

Winning the award for Innovation in Technology at The Herald’s Look Awards 2016 back in May this year, Barclay Wolf Hair Extensions are now taking the world by storm and we can certainly see why.

With over 40 years of experience in the hair extension industry, Barclay Wolf fully ‘understand the needs of salon owners, stylists and extension technicians, as well as the demands of their discerning client’ and we are in love with their ethos and ‘oh so’ gorgeous products.

As revolutionary innovators of tape in hair extensions, Barclay Wolf offer a variety of colours in both regular tape and invisible tape in options to suit your individual requirements, tastes and preferences.

And so, as professionals in the beauty industry across both Leicester and Peterborough, BB’s Beauty and Brows are excited by this beautiful range of extensions. But why choose Barclay Wolf hair extensions you may ask yourself?

In essence, the main vision for these types of extensions is to cut the time of application, saving you time out of your day for the more important things in life, like showing off your new hairstyle! Minimising application time by over half is a fantastic bonus but another big plus is the fact that Barclay Wolf hair extensions also remove the element of damage to your natural hair often associated with other hair extension types.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to try pre-taped hair extensions by Barclay Wolf, get in touch with us today! Whether you are based in Leicester or Peterborough, we’ll be delighted to help you get beautiful hair to suit your personality, style and budget!

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