Are your feet tired from a busy week at work, or a morning spent shopping in your local shopping centre?

If you are in the Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester or the Queensgate Shopping Centre in Peterborough, you are right on our doorstep and available for a pampering pedicure.

The restorative properties of a pedicure have been known for thousands of years and if you haven’t experienced the joys of professional foot and toe nail care, now’s the time to treat yourself.

Deluxe pedicure

Don’t rush this one! Allow plenty of time to relax while of our friendly and experienced therapists gives you the ultimate in luxurious pedicure treatments which will alleviate aches and stiffness in your feet and also improve circulation.

Why keep this secret to yourself? What could be more fun than a ladies’ ‘treat day’ with us?

Maybe there’s a special family event on the horizon? Or perhaps you’re planning a girls’ weekend in Leicester or Peterborough.
If so, make a nail pedicure session one of its highlights.

French pedicure

Summer or winter, special events and open-toed shoes deserve a suitably stylish finish. When your toes have to impress, what better than the timeless elegance of this classic treatment with its classy two-colour combination?

Will you treat yourself or persuade a special someone to indulge you? Either way, you’re in for a treat.

But this isn’t the only treatments we offer; BBs Beauty and Brows salons also offer foot massages and callus peels, too.

As the most friendly and conveniently located Beauty and Brows salons in your local area, our walk in salons are the perfect place to give your feet the TLC they deserve.

Call today to arrange your pedicure appointment with us.