Month: July 2015

- The Brow Phenomenon -


This year eyebrows are big – literally and metaphorically. Here, experts at BBs Beauty and Brow’s explore the art of tweezing the perfect face-framing pair.

Your eyebrows are one of your most important features. They enhance your eyes, are a central feature of expression and have the power to change your overall appearance and the balance and symmetry of your face.

But what suits one person might not suit another and we are certain you have seen (or even had!) some brow nightmares!

Here are some of the most common eyebrow shapes to choose from:

Bold Brows

Cindy Crawford had the beauty spot. Naomi Campbell had the legs. And now the model du jour Cara Delevingne has inspired eyebrow envy across the whole of the UK.

Her beautiful, thick, dark brows have certainly kick-started a trend in bold and have even prompting overzealous pluckers to reconsider their approach. Other stars with statement brows include Lily Collins, Rita Ora and Emma Watson.

How we can help you get the look: The key is to put the arch in the right place. And exercise caution when removing hairs. Thicker is always better.

Works best with:A heart-shaped face.

The Angular Brow

Stars to include Angelina Jolie, Hannah Reid and Megan Fox favour this gorgeous arched brow.

How we can help you get the look: At our beauty salons in Peterborough and Leicester our beauticians will pluck slightly more from the tapered side and add a soft point three quarters of the way along the brow.

Works best with:A round shaped face.

The Flat Eyebrow

Think Sarah Jessica Parker, Natalie Portman or Jennifer Connelly. These brows tend to be a simple, straight shape but reasonably bushy for fantastic effect.

How we can help you get the look: Our highly trained brow specialists will avoid plucking upwards in the centre. Instead they will keep the tweezing level all the way along the brow, taking slightly more off the ends to bring the shape upwards to meet your natural arch.

Works best with: A long face.

The Long Curve

Demi Moore, Kiera Knightly and Sandra Bullock tend to opt for a long sweeping curve of an eyebrow. It gives them a softer look and perfectly brings out their eyes beautifully.

How we can help you get the look: Our trained staff at our chic, conveniently located salons will always pluck from beneath the brow and encourage a more pronounced arch directly above the eyebrow for fantastic results.

Works best with:A square jaw.

An arch for all seasons

Just like make-up and hair, brows go through trends.

But whatever look you choose, don’t be afraid to accentuate the shape using crayon, pencil or powder.

Such touch ups will help fill in the gaps and make your brows more pronounced.

Want us to help transform your brows into a stunning masterpiece? Find your find your local beauty salon now!

- Wax Off for a Super Smooth Summer -

Whilst we are loving this season’s trend for all things of bygone eras in the wardrobe department, when it comes to bikini lines and summer skin, we’re all about 2015 ladies and gents here at BBs Beauty and Brows!

And whilst we also get that it’s not the most relaxing of treatments to have, we promise you that the quote ‘more painful than childbirth’ doesn’t apply here.

Whilst resting within the discretion of our calming waxing treatment rooms, our super speedy, highly accurate and skilled therapists will have you in and out within no time at all with a lighter step and a bikini ready body.

A tip from the experts of waxing:

New to waxing?
A little scared?
Don’t be.

Start off with just the bikini line and each time you have a wax, request to edge inwards if you prefer less hair-down-there. Before you know it you’ll be asking for the Hollywood without so much as a batter of those eyelids!

And the more you wax, the less painful it becomes. So try to keep to 3-4 week appointments for less hair and smoother skin in the long run.

And as for shaving, it really is best left alone as much as you can. It can irritate your skin and leave cuts and nicks, which leave behind portals for bacteria to enter—a.k.a infection central!

Shaving can also lead to hyper-pigmentation on the bikini line and underarms which can also toughen the skin- Stubble just doesn’t isn’t an attractive attribute so steer clear of grabbing your razors everyone!

View our waxing treatments and get booked in for a premium, smoother and longer lasting finish.

With salons in both Leicester and Peterborough BBs Beauty and Brows are conveniently located for a hassle free experience, now and always so don’t delay! Get in touch and let us kick start the feel good factor today!