The Power of Touch




It’s all about feeling like ‘you’ again.

Your health is your most precious gift, and throughout life many of us experience illness. Whether it be yourself or others, sadly cancer and other terminal illnesses affects a large proportion of us these days. Such treatments can be aggressive (let alone scary), and many people affected may be in and out of treatment and hospitals daily, interacting with their medical teams.

People are people, and whatever they are experiencing, it doesn’t define who they are. Illness can affect anyone at any time. Undergoing all manner of medical treatment for cancer for example takes its toll both psychologically and physically. At times the only contact people have is with their medical team and machines.

For those that have been affected by cancer and other terminal or life limiting illnesses they often don’t want to stand out, or be constantly reminded of their illness. They want to be ‘normal’ and enjoy everything they can. That’s why this month we’ve decided to write and explain, as having met many clients affected by such illnesses the key thing is that… They just want to be normal, to experience everything they could before. Not to be denied of the simple pleasures, but spoken to as you would anyone else, without a giant pink elephant in the room.

Here at BBs Beauty & Brows of Leicester and Peterborough, we offer a range of amazing treatments, giving skin to skin therapy, making you feel human again, whatever battles you are facing in life. It really is true, the power of human touch should never be underestimated. So, if would like to enjoy a relaxing Pamper Package this month, don’t wait!

For the whole of September, our teams at BBs Beauty & Brows are on hand to help you feel amazing with our brilliant September special offer.

For only £39 enjoy a PAMPER PACKAGE (RRP £53) this September.

But what’s included? As part of this fantastic offer you’ll receive an Eye Design, Basic Facial and a File and Polish. All you need to do is quote /SEP/9/17 to redeem in either of our walk in salons in Leicester and Peterborough.

So, whether you are living with an illness, know someone who is, or just want to kick back, relax and unwind, BBs Beauty and Brows are here to help. Feel a million dollars this month with Leicester and Peterborough’s number one walk in beauty salons.

We can’t wait to see you…

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