Month: August 2016

- The beautiful art of Henna -



At BBs Beauty and Brows of Leicester and Peterborough we love all things Henna. We are quite literally the best in the Midlands at the beautiful art of Henna so why not pop along and see what amazing designs we can create for you?

If you are considering having some form of Henna art, here’s a little bit about the history of Henna.

Traditionally Henna is well known in the Middle East and India for occasions such as holidays, weddings and birthday celebrations. Fast forward to now and the Henna trend has spread worldwide. In today’s day and age, henna is being used far and wide, and is being used a lot more for creative purposes and within the fashion industry. While some people opt for painful, permanent inked henna, temporary alternatives like the sorts BBs Beauty and Brows offer are a fantastic choice for many.

Just look online and you will see Instagram crammed full of bloggers, beauty icons and celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Beyonce (to name just a few!) showing off their stunning new temporary Henna tattoo designs to the world.

With the festival season on our doorstep right now, many festival goers too are choosing Henna to complete their festival look and stand out from the crowd. The BBS team can help bring these incredible techniques to your next celebrations be it an event, festival, summer party or an upcoming wedding.

A paste made from crushed henna plant leaves, Henna is all natural for beautiful body art. The henna plant grows naturally in South Asia and North Africa and once the paste is applied to the skin and left for a few hours, the stain on the skin can last between 7-14 days. As well as traditional henna tattoos, white henna is applied in the same way and for the beautiful Golden henna look, the same process is followed. The only difference is that once the paste has been applied, a layer of mehron powder is applied over the pattern and then the excess brushed off to create a stunning metallic look.

The current henna trend

As you may or may not have seen, our eyes here at BBs Beauty and Brows have been drawn to the beautiful white and gold henna trend, which looks absolutely gorgeous with a range of summer outfits!

The white henna look gives a stunning, delicate finish as it replicates lace on your skin. Again, this trend began in the Middle East where many brides opted for white henna tattoos instead of the traditional wedding for their special wedding day.

On the other hand, golden henna, also known as metallic henna, started in Dubai from Japanese jewellery designer, Nobuhiko Akatsuka. If you have a special upcoming event, golden henna gives an unforgettable shine, meaning you’ll steal the show, each and every time.

Henna painting techniques and their significance

If you’ve never had a henna tattoo before, universal designs can be a great starting point until you find one more suited to your individual style and tastes. Designs such as Ying Yangs, butterflies, flowers, stars and mandalas are often the more common designs people choose from.

Of course, depending on where you get your henna tattoo, different areas can hold significance. For example, having a henna tattoo on your hand signifies an offering to the world whereas a henna tattoo on the back of your hand signifies protection.

Think about what you want to signify through your stunning henna art creations and speak with us to book in your henna tattoo today at either our Leicester or Peterborough salons.